The Proposal Questions and Answers for Class 12

The Proposal Questions and Answers

The Proposal Questions and Answers 2021. The Proposal by Anton Chekhov is a play written originally in Russian. It is very important to the higher secondary students of West Bengal. The students can learn very important the proposal questions and answers which we brought for them.

The Proposal Questions and Answers

1. Justify the title of the play The Proposal by Anton Chekhov?

✓ The title of Anton Chekhov’s one act play ‘The Proposal’ indicates that the play centres around the theme of marriage proposal. Marriage is thought to be a sacred bond between ‘two true minds’. It is the strongest bond of all. But in this play, marriage is nothing but a socio-economic stability and security. Chubukov Natalya and Lomov – all belong to the land owner class. Lomov wants to marry Natalya not because to establish his grip over the Oxen meadows.

On the other hand, Natalya wants to marry Lomov because of his fame and fortune. Chubukov considers his unmarried daughter as a burden and so he wants to get rid of her. So, he is very pleased when Lomov ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. It is evident that the proposal is important to all for separate reasons – one thread being the same everywhere – the financial aspect. From this angel, the title is apt and significant.

2. Make a brief sketch of social life as you find in the play ‘ The Proposal’.

✓ Literature always reflects the pulse of the time. Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Proposal’ is not an exception, for its dramatizes a slice of life of the 19th century Russian feudal society. In the agrarian society, land was the main source of income and so, the desire behind all the three characters revolve around extending or protecting their ownership of land. In spite of being the only daughter of a wealthy land owner, Natalya personally takes part in rural operation of shelling peas.

The sorry plight of the landless peasants had been revealed by Lomov in the course/time of conversation, where we learn that they work for forty years on the Oxen meadows without gaining the ownership. Marriage in their society was nothing but a means of socio-economic stability and security. Jealousy, family- scandals and rough bad language are all indicative of a decadent society which cannot think anything beyond owning lands and keeping dogs.

3. Describe the character of Natalya

✓ Natalya, the twenty-five year old daughter of chubukov, is one of the major characters of the one act play ‘The Proposal’. She is an average looking unmarried girl. She is well educated and excellent house-keeper but she is stepping well ahead of her matrimonial age. Her politeness is apparently sober but she flares in rage for any disputed matter over property issue. When she suspects that Lomov has come to their house for Oxen meadows, she gets angry and enforces her father to drive him out of their house.

But in the course/time of the conversation, she comes to know that Lomov has come to propose her. At the slightest smell of wedding, she goes hysteric and pesters her father to bring Lomov back – “I am dying, fetch him”. When Lomov comes back for the second time, they against start bickering over the supremacy of their dogs. But she is a love-sick cat who would be a perfect match for jittery and epileptic Lomov.

The Proposal Questions and Answers for Class 12

4. ” oh! What a burden, to be the father of a grown up daughter”- Who is the speaker here? Why does the speaker say this?

” oh! What a burden, to be the father of a grown up daughter ” –

✓ Chubukov is the speaker here.

✓ Chubukov is the old father of a marriageable daughter Natalya. He is much concerned as Natalya is stepping ahead of her matrimonial age. He feels the pressure of society to get his daughter married. But he is always puzzled by the whimsical mood of his daughter. When Lomov comes with a marriage proposal, Chubukov is greatly pleased. But Natalya is engaged in a bitter quarrel with Lomov. She drives Lomov out of their house. Again when Natalya hears Lomov’s proposal, she is desperate to be married and asks her father to bring Lomov back. Then being hopelessness, Chubukov makes this speech.

5. “Forgive us Ivan vaslovitch, we were all a little heated” – Who said this? Who are referred to by ‘us’ ? Why were the person referred to ‘a little heated’ ? Why does the speaker ask for forgiveness?

“Forgive us Ivan vaslovitch, we were all a little heated” –

✓ In Anton Chekhov’s one act play ‘The Proposal’, Natalya, the only daughter of chubukov, is the speaker.

✓ Here the word ‘us’ refers to Natalya and her father Chubukov.

✓ Lomov went to propose to Natalya but he failed to do so because there was a verbal fight over the ownership of Oxen meadows between them. They threw ill words at each other over the issue. When their quarrel reached the climax, Chubukov appeared there. He also supported his daughter. Neither Natalya nor Lomov wanted to be away from their claim. So, they were all ‘a little heated’.

✓ After the departure of Lomov, Natalya come to know that Lomov had come to propose to her. she insisted her father on bringing Lomov back . Lomov was brought in back. Natalya then admitted their fault and asked for his forgiveness.

The proposal Questions and Answers for Class 12

6. “Why don’t you put a bullet into my brain?” – who says this? Describe the situation in which the speaker says this? Why does the speaker say this?

“Why don’t you put a bullet into my brain?”-

✓ In Anton Chekhov’s one act play “The Proposal”, Chubukov says this.

✓ When Lomov cannot tolerate the stain of abuses, he falls into an armchair and faints. Natalya is afraid and cries out that. Lomov is dead. She asks her father to call in a doctor. Chubukov is now in a great confusion . He cannot understand what to do. He lifts the tumbler of water to Lomov’s mouth . But Lomov doesn’t drink. He thinks that Lomov is dead. This is a very terrible situation for Chubukov. Then he wishes to die with a bullet.

✓ As Chubukov is unable to find any out to tackle the situation, he says this.

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