The Eyes Have It Long Question Answer Class 12

  The Eyes Have It Long Question Answer Class 12

The Eyes Have It long question answer for class 12. The Eyes Have It is a short story written by Ruskin Bond. It is a story about a short train journey of the narrator with an unknown girl. This is a very easy prose piece for hs students of wbchse. The long questions from this story are always attempted by the students. So, we bring this article The Eyes Have It Long Question Answer for the students….

The  Eyes Have It Long Question Answer Class 12

1. “She had beautiful eyes but they were of no use to her” – What are referred to as ‘they’ here? Why were the eyes useless? What is the irony in this line?

>> “She had beautiful eyes but they were of no use to her” –

✓ The eyes of the girl are referred to as ’they’ here.

✓ The eyes of the girl were useless as the girl was completely blind like the narrator.

✓ In the story, the blind narrator tried not to reveal his blindness in front of his co- passenger the girl. He talked to the girl like a man with good eyesight. He told her about the hills in Mussoorie in October. He also informed her that there was no animals in forest near Dehra. Even he decided to keep himself in the seat to prevent the girl from discovering that he was blind. But at the end, he came to know from the second co- passenger that the girl was also blind. Perhaps the girl also play the same.

2. “Then I made a mistake” – what was the mistake? Who made the mistake and why? Was it really a mistake? What happened then?

>> “Then I made a mistake” –

✓ In the story ” The Eyes Have It ” , the narrator and a girl were traveling and they were discussing the beauty of Mussoorie in October, without knowing that they both were completely blind. Hearing the description from the narrator, the girl remained silent for a moment. Just at that time, he thought perhaps the girl was thinking him a romantic fool. So, to change the topic, he asked a wrong question – ” What is it like outside? ” – It was the mistake he made.

✓ The narrator was always cautious about not revealing his blindness to the girl. He doubted that his wrong question might reveal the fact to the girl. So, the narrator made the mistake.

✓ As there was nothing strange in the question, it was not really a mistake. But the narrator thought that it would reveal what he tried to keep secret. Soon his doubts and fears melted away as the girl asked him to look out of the window.

✓ Removing his doubt, the girl asked him why he didn’t look outside the window to see the natural beauty. Then, going to the window, the narrator pretended that he was studying the beauty outside. He was asking some general question to her from which, it was not possible to understand that he was blind.

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3. ” The man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie ” – Who is “The man”? Whose reverie is spoken to here? What was the reverie? How was the reverie broken?

>> ” The man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie” –

✓ The last fellow passenger who got into the train compartment at Saharanpur is “The man”.

✓ The reverie of the narrator of the short story “The Eyes Have It” is spoken to here.

✓ When the girl left the compartment at Saharanpur station, the depressed narrator sat in front of the window and was thinking about the brief encounter with the girl who got into the train at Rohana and got off at Saharanpur. The narrator also tried to guess what was happening outside the window. As the narrator was blind, he had to imagine it by virtue of his daydream or reverie.

✓ Thee last fellow passenger broke the narrator’s reverie by talking to him. He told the narrator that he (the narrator) must be disappointed because he was not as attractive a co-passenger as the girl who had just left.

4. Why did the narrator try to be a familiar with the girl?

>> The narrator’s blindness had kept him shut up in the world of darkness. He could neither see anyone nor he could share his views with others. He had been traveling all alone. When the girl got into the compartment at Rohana, he began to think of conversing with her. Even he deliberately tried to hide his blindness so that he could appear normal before her. Never did it occur to him that the girl was deprived of eyesight like him. He was sincere enough to establish cordial relationship with the girl. Finally he thought of transcending his own limitations to share his emotional moments with the girl. So, he tried to be familiar with her.

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5. ” Yes October is the best time ” – What is the occasion of the remark? Why did the narrator think so?

>> ” Yes October is the best time ” –

✓ On hearing that the narrator was going to Mussoorie, the girl said that she also wished to visit Mussoorie. She loves the hills there especially in October. That was the Occasion for the narrator’s remark.

✓ The narrator reflected on his by gone memories in the hills in October. He said that hills of Mussoorie are covered with wild dahlias in October and the Sun is delicious. At night, one can sit in front of a logfire and drink a little brandy. Most of the tourists have gone and the roads are quiet and deserted. So the narrator thought that October is the best time.

The Eyes Have It Long Question Answer Class 12

6. Give the significance of the story ‘ The Eyes Have It ‘ ?

✓ story of Ruskin Bond’s ” The Eyes Have It ” is used ironically. The narrator tried to create an impression on the girl. He didn’t want to discover his blindness near the girl. He thought that the girl can see. So, when the girl entered the train compartment, the narrator thought her to be normal. He wanted to conceal his own blindness in every possible way. He even praised the girl’s face and gave a description of the beauty of Mussoorie.

Only after the girl’s departure the blind narrator discover that the girl was also blind. Here lies the irony because he proceeded with the misconception that the girl could see. Her eyes were beautiful but they were of no Use. It is a moment of revelation. The discovery of her blindness comes as an ironical twist at the end of the story. This was the tragic climax of the story which made the story more interesting to us. The narrator made the point that not only the blind fails to see , but people with good eyesight also fail to take in what is in front of them. It depends on how the eyes react in a situation.

7. Describe the character of the narrator of the story ‘The Eyes Have It’ ?

✓ The narrator of the story ‘The Eyes Have It’ was traveling to Dehradun by train and then to Mussoorie. He knew his blindness. He was familiar with the way he was traveling. Despite of his blindness, he had the sense of beauty. Down the memory lane he remembered the beauty of hills in Mussoorie. He was very imaginative and romantic type person. He loved to imagine anything and play hide and seek with other passengers while traveling. He tried to imagine the girl’s face and thought about her hair.

The narrator could hide his blindness to other co-passengers. This was great ability to him. His remarks about ‘the aunts’ shows his great sense of humour. The narrator was a realistic, live and natural character. He used various tricks to hide his disability. But after the girl got down, he found out from the new passenger that the girl was also blind. The girl also defeated the narrator in the same manner. So, in the end, the narrator himself was defeated by destiny.

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