Three Questions Questions and Answers Class 12

 Three Questions Questions and Answers Class 12 . Three Questions is a Russian story written by Leo Tolstoy. It’s a very important prose chapter for wbchse Higher Secondary final examination. We brought all important long Questions and Answers from this chapter. Three questions questions and answers class 12 for wbchse students. If you need any help please contact me.

Important Notes on Three Questions Questions and Answers Class 12

three questions questions and answers class 12

1. How did the Tsar find out the answers of his three questions?

Or ” You have already been answered! ” – Who said this and to whom? How has the person spoken to been already answered?

✓ The Tsar wanted to know the answers to his three questions. So, he proclaimed throughout his kingdom that he would give a reward to anybody who would teach him the right answers. Learned men came but they all answered differently. Being dissatisfied with the answers given by the learned men, the Tsar decided to consult with a wise hermit in the guise of common man. When the Tsar went to him, the Tsar found him digging the seedbeds. The Tsar took pity on him and helped him at the digging. Later he also nursed the wounded man who primarily intended to kill the Tsar. However the Tsar made peace with the man.

Before leaving the hermit’s cottage, the Tsar repeated his questions for the last time. The Tsar replied that he had been already answered through his experiences. The hermit explained that the most important time is present, the most important person is one who is with the Tsar and the most important thing is to do good to the person who is with the Tsar.

Or ” You have already been answered! ”

✓ The hermit said this to the Tsar.

✓ আগের অংশের Being dissatisfied with the answers….

2. How did the enemy of the Tsar become friend with him in Leo Tolstoy’s “Three Questions”?

✓ The Tsar had never known the fact that he had an avowed enemy who was so determined to kill him and had even followed him to the woods. The man hide himself in the jungle but the Tsar didn’t return. As he came out of his hiding place he was recognised and wounded by the Tsar’s bodyguard. The wounded man ran into the hermit’s hut where the Tsar nursed him till he revived. When the man came back to his consciousness and realized that the Tsar had saved his life, he repented. He then recounted everything begged to be excused. Instead of being punished he became a friend of the Tsar who promised to return his confiscated property.

3. How did the Tsar and the hermit take care of the wounded man at the hermit’s cottage?

✓ In Leo Tolstoy’s “Three Questions”, the Tsar went into a wood to consult with a wise hermit for the answers to his three questions to get success. After digging beds for the hermit when the Tsar went to ask for his answers, a bearded man came running out of the wood. The man was moaning feebly with his hands pressed against his stomach.

The hermit and the Tsar quickly unfastened the man’s clothes and saw a large wound in his stomach. The Tsar washed the injury and bandaged it with a handkerchief and a towel. He continued the process in rotation by removing the warm blood soaked bandaged, washing it and again re-bandaging the wound. Once the blood stopped flowing, the man revived and ask for something to drink. The Tsar gave him some fresh water. Then they helped the man to go inside the hut and laid him on the bed. Being tired with the day’s work, the Tsar fell asleep on the threshold.

Three Questions Questions and Answers Class 12

4. “It once occurred to a certain Tsar” – what thought occurred to the Tsar? What did he do because of it? What was the result?

Or What are the three questions that occurred to the Tsar? What did the Tsar do to get answers to his three questions? Did the learned men satisfy him?

>> “It once occurred to a certain Tsar” –

✓ The Tsar thought that if he always knew the answers of three questions, he would never fail in anything he might undertake. The first question was what the right time to begin everything. The second question was who the right people to listen to and whom to avoid. The third question was what the most important thing to do.

✓ To know the answers of his three questions, the Tsar issued a decree throughout his kingdom announcing that whoever could answer the questions would receive a great reward.

✓ As a result learned men came to the Tsar but they all answered his questions differently. Being dissatisfied with the answers, the Tsar agreed to none of them and gave the reward to none.

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