Strong Roots MCQ Question Answer Online Test Class 12

Strong Roots MCQ Question Answer Online Mock Test. Strong Roots is a prose piece taken from “Wings of Fire” – an autobiography written by APJ Abdul Kalam. In this part, Abdul Kalam described his childhood days and the impact of his parents on his life. It’s a very good chapter for hs students. So we have brought this Online Mock Test Strong Roots MCQ Question Answer for them.

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Strong Roots mcq question answer

Strong Roots MCQ Question Answer

1. Strong Roots is a/an –

  • biography
  • autobiography
  • essay
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👉👉 autobiography

2. APJ Abdul Kalam was born in a –

  • Poor class Tamil family
  • Middle class Tamil family
  • rich Tamil family
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👉👉 middle class Tamil family

3. Kalam was born in the island town of Rameswaram ?

  • Rameswaram
  • Chennai
  • Tamil Nadu
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👉👉 Rameswaram

4. The name of Kalam’s father was –

  • Jainulabdeen
  • Janulabdeen
  • Jainulbdeen
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👉👉 Jainulabdeen

5. Kalam’s mother fed everyday –

  • all the family members
  • Many outsiders with her family
  • All her neighbours
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👉👉 many outsiders with her family

6. Kalam’s parents were –

  • short and handsome
  • tall and handsome
  • tall and young
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👉👉 tall and handsome

7. ” My mother’s lineage was the more distinguished ” – The word ‘lineage’ means –

  • British
  • Ancestry
  • Heritage
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👉👉 Ancestry

8. One of the forebears of Kalam’s mother was bestowed with the title of —

  • Bahadur
  • Rai Bahadur
  • Saheb
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👉👉 Bahadur

9. How was the Kalam’s childhood ?

  • very secure childhood
  • Very insecure childhood
  • Very weak childhood
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👉👉 Very secure childhood

10. Kalam’s ancestral house built in

  • the beginning of 19th century
  • the middle of 19th century
  • the end of 19th century

Strong Roots MCQ Question Answer
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👉👉 the middle of 19th century

11. Kalam’s father started his day at –

  • 4 a.m
  • 5 a.m
  • 6 a.m
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👉👉 4 a.m

12. Kalam’s father started his day by –

  • Visiting the mosque
  • Eating the breakfast
  • Reading the Namaz
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👉👉 Reading the Namaz

13. Kalam’s locality was predominantly –

  • Hindu
  • Muslim
  • Jain
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👉👉 Muslim

14. Kalam’s father’s answer filled him with a –

  • strange energy
  • Much enthusiasm
  • Strange energy and enthusiasm
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👉👉 strange energy and enthusiasm

15. After namaz, Kalam’s father used to go to the –

  • Mosque
  • Shiva temple
  • Coconut grove
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👉👉 Coconut grove

16. Adversity always presents opportunities for –

  • Amusement
  • Introspection
  • Being good
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👉👉 Introspection

17. Kalam’s father believed that for people in distress, he was a –

  • Just a friend
  • Only a human being
  • Mere mediator
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👉👉 Mere mediator

18. Kalam’s father would return from the grove with –

  • a coconut
  • a dozen coconuts
  • about a dozen of coconuts
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👉👉 about a dozen of coconuts

19. Through prayer, one overcomes the division of –

  • Wealth, age or caste
  • Wealth, age or creed
  • Wealth, age, caste or creed
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👉👉 Wealth, age, caste or creed

20. The distance between Kalam’s house and the Shiva temple was –

  • 5 minutes walk
  • 10 minutes walk
  • 15 minutes walk
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👉👉 10 minutes walk

Strong Roots MCQ Question Answer

21. The Hindu and Muslim lived ___________ in Kalam’s locality.

  • happily
  • like enemies
  • amicably
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👉👉 Amicably

22. What is the name of the high priest of Rameswaram temple?

  • Jainulabdeen
  • Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry
  • Rai Bahadur
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👉👉 Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry

23. Kalam’s father could convey complex spiritual concepts in very simple down to-

  • earth
  • Tamil
  • Telegu
  • Urdu
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👉👉 Tamil

24. Kalam’s father would take Kalam to a very old –

  • mosque for evening prayer
  • mosque for help the poor outside it
  • coconut grove for morning walk
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👉👉 mosque for evening prayer

25. Everyday Kalam’s father would take a stroll of –

  • four miles
  • five miles
  • ten miles
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👉👉 Four miles

26. Kalam had deep faith in –

  • his religion
  • the existence of a divine power
  • his father daily life
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👉👉 the existence of a divine power

27. Kalam tried to emulate his father in his own world of –

  • religious
  • divine being
  • science and technology
  • mosque and temple
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👉👉 science and technology

28. Kalam usually ate with his –

  • father
  • mother
  • friends
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👉👉 Mother

29. The name of APJ Abdul Kalam’s autobiography is –

  • My experiment with truth
  • Wings of Fire
  • Science and Technology
  • Religious is pure
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👉👉 Wings of Fire

30. Kalam had not the faintest idea of the meaning of the prayer because –

  • it was not clearly understand
  • it was very difficult for Kalam
  • it was chanted in Arabic
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👉👉 It was chanted in Arabic

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